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APTEC Diagnostics nv, founded in 1992, is a manufacturer of high quality, stable Turbidimetric reagents to measure serum proteins in human plasma or urine.

With over 20 years of experience and solid business we are considered to be a reference when it comes to Turbidimetry. Our current portfolio lists more than 40 reagents.


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We highly value good customer service including good communication and training .

We have in-house instruments and an extensive list of applications on open instruments currently present on the market.  


See our list of  Instrument Applications >>

We are specialized in customized solutions for ready to use reagents, antibodies, calibrators and controls.

Packed in bulk format, general kit format (applicable for clinical chemistry analyzers in general) or system packs (which are designed for a specific analyser.)

We have distributors worldwide and built up collaborations with almost all major diagnostic reagent manufacturers. 

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  • In-house training facilities 

  • Extensive list of application notes for currently available instruments 

  • CE-marked products 

  • ISO 13485:2016 certified

  • Application approval on customer’s and/or in-house instruments 

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